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Colour Motion IT design is an attractive company for entrepreneurs. The best organization for those who want to learn to freelance.

Colour Motion IT is an open door to learning to freelance. Colour Motion IT started its journey in 2021. We have 12 skilled workers and mentors through training.

This mentor will always be by the side of the students to give them advice. Colour Motion IT Solutions works in various IT sectors with skilled expert manpower. Interesting aspects of colour motion: There is a free website for 1000 entrepreneurs.

Freelancers can conduct any business through this website. You can earn money through the website but you have to buy the domain and hosting for the website from Colour Motion IT.

Domain and hosting must be renewed every year. Domain and hosting renewal costs 35$

Freelancing is an upper potential Sector. Through this thousands of unemployed people can get rid of their unemployment. You can become proficient in any subject in this freelancing world. Colour Motion IT is one such company through which you can learn freelancing. 

Freelancing speciality courses are:

1.  Web development

2. Apps development

3. Digital marketing

4. Graphics design

5. We also provide digital services like SEO

The Colour Motion IT course fee is  590$ Refunds if not earned within the specified time of the course. The consultant will be obliged to refund them and he will be responsible for it. Consultants have signed an agreement with Colour Motion IT Company.

Colour Motion IT is creating a career building course. We already provide bank security with a refund guarantee to our permanent unemployed people.

Web Development & design:

At present, there is a huge demand for web and development which cannot be overstated. If you can be a good web designer, then you do post have to run after money, money will run after you. Because a good web designer has a lot of value in different online marketplaces. At the same time, if you can become a skilled web developer, success will not matter to you.

Designing a website is called Webdesign for short. What a website usually looks like depends on the web design. A little more analysis will tell you what the logo of a website will look like, where the logo will sit, where the sidebar of the website will not be left or right, what will be the menu bar, will be the colour of the website, what will be the font size of the website post. Space will be kept for etc. The work is done through Webdesign.

The bottom line is that what we see on a website&apps;s external appearance is determined by Webdesign. Website type There are usually two types of websites for job convenience. E.g.-

  1. Static website.
  2. Dynamic website

Static Website:

The static website does not have any type of admin panel. In other words, to do any work, you have to work directly through coding. Even when writing a post, you have to put it inside the HTML code

At present, there is no such website.

Dynamic Website:

Dynamic website has admin panel for working. Basically, a Dynamic website is created through web development. What kind of coding is required for such websites to work normally Dynamic website is basically the control of website design and website content management or content writing through the admin panel without coding.

What is web development?

.Web development is the function of making the admin panel of a website functional, from the inside of a website

Creating a Free Website: How to Create a Free Website? Rules for Creating a Blog: How to Create a Free Blog? How to Set Up a Custom Domain in BlogSpot Blogs? Then there are many features or settings for theme design or website design.

In which the design of the website can be changed just by clicking and a website can be easily customized by clicking and dragging and dropping. These click and drop functions are performed through web development. We create a website with just a click and think that this is how the website works. In fact, the design of the website that you are clicking on is coded within the website or theme. Basically HTML, CSS, JavaScript and JQuery, PHP and more Including a variety of coding web development through a website to make it easier to work. And those who do this web development work, are called web developers.

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