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You think you will learn graphic design but you don't know what it takes to learn graphic design. All you need to learn graphic design is your willpower and love for graphic design. If you can't love this job or you don't have the will to do this job then you can' learn this job even after hundreds of attempts.
Then all you need is money. You can spend money to become proficient in graphic design by taking different term courses. And you need a computer with a good configuration to practice your graphic design work. However, you must have an internet connection or you will not be able to work in the marketplace. In addition, you need to
You need to know the use of two software
1. Adobe Photoshop
2. Adobe Illustrator
Adobe XD is an advanced level software in graphic design. Whose name is Adobe XD. If you want to learn UI / UX design, you need to know about Adobe XD software. Website design templates are created through this software. But it is also one of the most valuable and valuable software of graphic design.
Besides, if you want to learn video editing animation, you have to learn premium level. Need to have ideas about different software.

What you can do to learn graphic design:

  • ✅Learn graphic design you can do freelancing.
    ✅ You can create IT company or IT sector.
  • ✅Learning graphic design, you can join any IT company as a teacher.
    ✅ Learn graphic design, you can join a good company as a graphic designer.

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  • ✅Also if you do a business then that business may need any kind of design that you can make all the designs yourself.
  • Apps Development:
    At present you will get one or the other smartphone in everyone  hands. Maybe an expensive smartphone from someone or a little cheaper smartphone from someone else. And smartphones have all the application
    And those who create all these applications on Android are called Android app developers. There is a lot of demand for Android app developer in the online market at present. If you want Android app development you can work.
  • How do you learn app development?

  • 1. By teaching Android app development, you can usually earn money in two ways. You can work for yourself and earn for others. By working for yourself, it means that you will create an application and put ad
    AdSense is a Google service that works with  shows ads in Android applications.
    2.You can do freelancing in different marketplaces if you want. You can also get jobs in different companies. In a word, if you can learn Android app development, there are different sources of income
    Apps development needs:
    In 2015, almost 7 years ago, the mobile phone application development market was 100 (one hundred) billion US dollars! Where smartphone users each use at least one app on average. Besides, he spends more than 2 hours every day using mobile apps. Smartphone users worldwide also spend 6 percent of their smartphone time on apps. So can any developerDeveloping an app and uploading it to the Play Store (Google Play Store) can earn great money. And if an app becomes popular, it is possible to earn crores of rupees from there. 
  • Currently, the market for mobile apps is around  35billion. In 2010, the market value was 10.2 billion dollars. By 2020, it will increase to about 54.69 billion dollars. This huge market of app Ways to learn app development:
    The first thing Android app development will need is concentration. Things you need to know to learn end development You have to learn programming language so you must invest something behind it. Investments can be like you have to buy books to learn programming or there are various courses available online but they can cost you money.
    But if you want to be a professional web developer then it is better to learn developing with the help of an organization. Because if you want to do the programming yourself then you have to read a lot of problems which you may not be able to do yourself. And the reason most developers fail is because they can't solve the program while programming and don't make any new programs.
    • What is SEO?
      SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. It is a tool that helps to increase the visibility of a website on search engine results pages.
      Why we use SEO?
      SEO results help the website to rank better on the page. So better ranking through search engine optimization helps the website get more traffic, better exposure and more earning opportunities
      SEO is conducted through:

    • Search engine optimization depends entirely on the search engine. Search engine software is designed to search for information on the World Wide Web.
    • Yahoo,
    • Bing,
    • Baidu,
    • Ask
    • AOL Search,
    • WebCrawler
    • MyWebSearch
    • Info space,
    • Dogpile, and DuckDuckGo are some of the search engines.
      Google is the leading search engine and 80% – 90% of people worldwide use it. The remaining 20% – 10% use the other search engines mentioned.
      How many types of SEO:
      #  Hat White Hat SEO:
      White Hat SEO is the process of optimizing a website according to search engine guidelines (primarily Google). This is considered as ethical or organic SEO. The techniques used are on page optimization and off page optimization. This strategy is adopted by search engines
      The risk of being banned by search engines is very low for websites that use white hat. The impact of websites using white hat SEO can be expected to be stable, slow and lasting #Black Hat SEO:
      Black Hat SEO utilizes search engine guidelines and uses negative methods to increase a page ranking.
      This is considered unethical SEO. Link spam, keyword stuffing, cloaking, hidden links and text are some of the strategies used by Black Hat SEO. Websites are growing rapidly in rankings but this change is undesirable
      #Gray Hat SEO:
      Gray Hat SEO is an SEO that takes risks and uses black hat SEO strategies. Some of the grey hat SEO strategies are valid and some are illegal. Doorway Pages, Gateway Pages, Duplicate Content are
      There are two types of SEO:
      On page SEO On Page: Optimization (On Page SEO) is a part of White Hat SEO. This on-page optimization helps the website&&apps;s results to appear in search engines.

    • Off page SEO: Off-Page Optimization (Off Page SEO) is an important part of White Hat SEO, more important than on-page SEO. Because link building is the main part of the page, which helps to rank any site.

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